Enes Kanter Freedom: “Panathinaikos is my first choice in Europe” / News

Enes Kanter Freedom spoke to Greek media Ethnikos Kirikas about his time with the Boston Celtics, career options, Panathinaikos Athens, the Nobel Prize and the war in Ukraine.

Enes Kanter

Enes Kanter
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According to the 29-year-old, the NBA is all about money and it represents players until financial matters are addressed.

“I was in Portland last year and averaged a double-double. Also, we went to the playoffs. I started. And they come and tell me after a year that I forgot how to play basketball?

When I started talking about what was happening in China, the Celtics were cut off from Chinese TV. It cost the NBA money. The NBA says it stands with us for free speech. I do not believe it.

In other words, the league stands firm as long as what we say serves them, otherwise they will do whatever they can to finish you off. I say this because they are trying to take me out at 29. However, I know that I can play 6-7 more years because I love basketball and I’m healthy,” said the athlete.

As Enes Kanter told Freedom, his priority is to play in the NBA, despite his issues.

“My first goal is to play in the NBA and I want to be there. However, if that doesn’t happen, I grew up watching Panathinaikos, Olympiacos and other teams. My brother, who played the last year in Greece (Kolossos Rhodes) told me how nice it was there, but first of all I would like to meet Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

I would like to shake his hand and thank him for accepting the Turkish refugees. This is an important step in the friendship between Greece and Turkey. Then I would like to talk to him about the possibility of coming to a team like Panathinaikos and building a friendship between the two countries. If I play in a Greek team, it won’t just be for basketball. I want to build a bridge between these people. We are not that far apart: we eat the same food, while our cultures are very similar.”

“Panathinaikos are the first choice in Europe. Let’s not forget that my friend Mario Hezonja also played there. If it’s a Greek team, I think I would go to the PAO. Of course, it depends on what happens. will pass with the NBA and the meeting with the Greek Prime Minister,” Kanter Freedom commented on the competition in Europe.

The great man also spoke about the nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.

“If I receive the award, it will be significant, both for me and for anyone who is under pressure from the status of their homeland. But my actions are not for any price. It could be a platform to talk about human rights abuses around the world.”

Finally, the basketball player spoke about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“The world must realize that the future of Europe and the free world is being judged right now. Putin wants to destroy democracy. Therefore, Ukraine must be supported,” concluded Enes Kanter Freedom .