Foreign Minister: Taiwan aims to win even more support in Europe – News

Foreign Minister: Taiwan aims to win even more support in Europe – News – RTI Radio Taiwan International

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  • December 02, 2021

  • John Van Trieste
Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said Taiwan’s work to win support from European countries will continue.

Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said that while European support for Taiwan has grown, Taiwan’s job to win European support is not done. Wu was speaking on Thursday, amid a wave of pro-Taiwan movements in several European countries.

On Monday, the French National Assembly passed a resolution supporting Taiwan’s participation in international organizations.

Meanwhile, the Dutch House of Representatives has passed three pro-Taiwan resolutions in the past two weeks. One, adopted last Tuesday, supports Taiwan’s candidacy to participate in Interpol.

The other two were adopted on Tuesday of this week. One calls on the Dutch government to oppose any Chinese initiative to change the cross-Strait status quo. The other urges the Dutch government to push the EU to support Lithuania, which faces Chinese retaliation for seeking closer ties with Taiwan.

Finally, on Wednesday, the Irish Senate passed its own pro-Taiwan resolution.

The foreign minister said Taiwan will continue to work to show European countries Taiwan’s friendship to gain further support.


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