India Europe News: European nations are key companions in India’s quest for peace and prosperity: PM Modi

Ahead of his three-day trip to three countries in Europe, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the visit comes amid “many challenges and choices” facing the region, indicating that the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and its impact on the global economy would be on its agenda.

Modi is expected to emphasize India’s approach, which focuses on dialogue and diplomacy as the way forward to end the war. The prime minister will clearly explain India’s outlook on Ukraine during his visit to Germany, France and Denmark, said Vinay Kwatra, who took over as India’s foreign secretary on Sunday.

“My visit to Europe comes at a time when the region is facing many challenges and choices. Through my engagements, I intend to strengthen the spirit of cooperation with our European partners, who are important companions in the India’s quest for peace and prosperity,” Modi said. in a declaration prior to departure.

In a press conference, Kwatra said there should be no doubt about India’s position on Ukraine, stressing its “context, clarity, importance and positive dimension”.

“Our position on Ukraine is clear. First, there must be a cessation of hostilities; second, a solution must be found through dialogue and diplomacy,” he said. This view, he added, has been clearly communicated to various countries.

Kwatra said the visit focused on expanding India’s bilateral relations with the three European countries in a range of areas including trade and investment, clean energy, digital technology and defence.

The Ukrainian issue will feature in the talks as part of discussions on regional and global developments, he added.

India’s international partners understand the country’s view on Ukraine, and they deeply appreciate it, he said.

Last week, differences between India and the West on Russia became evenly matched at the Raisina Dialogue, India’s premier conference on geopolitics and economics.

Jaishankar, in a pointed message to Europe as part of his advice to India to take a stand on the conflict, had said New Delhi was advised to do more trade when the rules-based order (read China) was contested in Asia. and that Europe should start looking towards Asia, which has “uncertain borders”.

Kwatra said energy security will be one of the main areas of discussion during Modi’s visit as it has taken on greater importance in the current circumstances.

He spoke about the “changing elements” of energy security, its impact on developing countries like India, the challenges of the sector and the mitigation of these challenges.

“I’m sure that would be one of the elements of the overall discussions. But naturally, one element wouldn’t define what the structure of the discussions would be,” he said.

Strengthening business ties and connecting with the Indian diaspora will also be key elements of Modi’s first overseas trip of the year.