Nintendo slashes Switch prices in UK and Europe – News

Switch console in UK reduced from £280 to £259.99 on nintendothe online store of

Video game news site Eurogamer reported on Monday that nintendo has reduced the price of its Switch console from £280 (about $387) to £259.99 (about $360) on its UK online store ahead of its new OLED model’s release on October 8. nintendo The rep told the outlet that final prices for the consoles are to be determined by individual retailers.

nintendo told Eurogamer that he carefully weighed several factors before making the price cut. Besides the upcoming launch of the OLED model of the Switch, nintendo also took into account exchange rates and the continued momentum of console sales in Europe.

The Switch Lite console is currently priced at £199.99 (around US$277) on its UK online store. The Switch OLED model is available for pre-order at £309.99 (around $429) on nintendofrom UK online store.

Endgaget also reported on Monday that the European price had fallen to €300 (around US$355) from the previous price of €330 (around US$390).

The OLED model will feature a larger 7-inch (18 centimeter) OLED display, a wider stand that supports more viewing angles than the previous version’s kickstand, a docking station with a wired LAN port, 64 GB of internal storage and improved sound. The new model will be available in white and neon red/neon blue.

The current Switch model available has a smaller 6.2-inch (16 centimeter) display and the Switch Lite model has a 5.5-inch (14 centimeter) display.

The home and handheld hybrid console debuted on March 3, 2017. As of June 30, nintendo moved a total of 89.04 million Switch units globally, surpassing the nintendo 3DS and Game Boy Advance lifetime numbers. The Switch is the company’s fourth best-selling console behind the nintendo DS, nintendo Wii and Game Boy.

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